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Calibrator Models for the PACS Spectrometer

This directory contains the models that were used for the calibration of Herschel-PACS' spectrometer.

The solar system objects models are adapted to each and every observation. In a nutshell, the models for the planets are tuned to apparent diameter of the planet as seen from Herschel at the time of observation. The asteroid models are individually adapted to the appearance of the object at the time of observation (work by Thomas Mueller). The description of the individual stellar models can be found in the following directory. The models themselves are stored in a flat structure in Data.

It should be noted that these models, together with their obsid-dependent adaptation, are also distributed for all Herschel instruments as part of the Herschel Calibrator Model Ancillary Data Product for Planets, Asteroids, and Fiducial Stars. The information provided here is thus the same as that from the aforementioned models, but it is here compiled specifically to allow any user to reproduce the calibration of the PACS Spectrometer products. Users should also be warned that a given model applying to a particular observation may not have the same name in the two sets of Ancillary Data Products. One thing to note in particular is that the models dated as "2009" and "2010" for Uranus and Neptune respectively correspond to the so-called "ESA2" and "ESA3" versions of these models - see the Herschel Calibrator page for further details.

The mapping between model name and obsid can be found in the file That file is structured around a set of distinct lists of obsids. Every entry in a list links:

The observing mode is one of:

The following lists exist:

A short list of proper motions is appended at the bottom of the file. The lists are python dictionaries, they can be loaded in a python session by directly executing the file.

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