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This directory compiles the stellar atmosphere models were used as prime calibrators during the Herschel mission. These models were used a primary calibrators for the PACS photometer and spectrometer.

Information for each calibrator is compiled in a dedicated directory. The whole set of files of this top-level directory can also be downloaded as

The following is a list of the stars for which stellar model atmospheres were calculated and for which MARCS model outputs were determined. The full description of this is contained within Dehaes et al (2011, A&A, 533, A107). Models were created for the following stars:

Each stellar calibrator has a FITS file plus a README note provided within the present repository. The README gives details of the MARCS model inputs and the fundamental assumed parameters of each of the calibrator stars. The FITS file format is a basic table containing two columns, one with the wavelength in microns and the second with the stellar flux in Janskys.

The information provided in this repository is expanded on in the calibration model website, where additional detailed information on inter-comparisons between stellar models and their consistency with planetary models (used in particular as prime calibrators for the SPIRE instrument).

David Teyssier, Tony Marston, 17-Jan-2017