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Name 072190
Title The Discovery of Obscured AGNs in Bulgeless Galaxies by WISE: An XMM Follow-up


DOI 10.5270/esa-u5f7s7s
Author Dr Shobita Satyapal
Description We propose to observe for a total of 180 ks 5 nearby bulgeless galaxies which are optically classified as a normal galaxies but has been recently discovered by WISE to show mid-infrared colors thus far exclusively associated in extragalactic sources with AGNs. These galaxies are a subset of a large population of unusual sources discovered by WISE. If the AGNs are confirmed in these objects, this study will provide a breakthrough in the opportunities to characterize the properties of SMBHs in bulgeless galaxies and to study their relation to the host galaxy. The exquisite sensitivity of {it XMM} will be exploited to model in detail the X-ray spectrum to confirm the AGN, investigate the intrinsic absorption, estimate the bolometric luminosity of the nuclear region, and constrain the black hole mass.
Publication An Optically Obscured AGN in a Low Mass, Irregular Dwarf Galaxy: A Multi-Wavelength Analysis of J1329+3234 . Secrest, N. J., Satyapal, S., et all. . ApJ . 798-38 . 2015 . 2015ApJ...798...38S ,
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Instrument EMOS1, EMOS2, EPN, OM, RGS1, RGS2
Temporal Coverage 2013-05-03T21:51:47Z/2013-12-23T10:15:56Z
Version 17.56_20190403_1200
Mission Description The European Space Agency's (ESA) X-ray Multi-Mirror Mission (XMM-Newton) was launched by an Ariane 504 on December 10th 1999. XMM-Newton is ESA's second cornerstone of the Horizon 2000 Science Programme. It carries 3 high throughput X-ray telescopes with an unprecedented effective area, and an optical monitor, the first flown on a X-ray observatory. The large collecting area and ability to make long uninterrupted exposures provide highly sensitive observations.
Since Earth's atmosphere blocks out all X-rays, only a telescope in space can detect and study celestial X-ray sources. The XMM-Newton mission is helping scientists to solve a number of cosmic mysteries, ranging from the enigmatic black holes to the origins of the Universe itself. Observing time on XMM-Newton is being made available to the scientific community, applying for observational periods on a competitive basis.
Creator Contact https://www.cosmos.esa.int/web/xmm-newton/xmm-newton-helpdesk
Date Published 2015-01-20T23:00:00Z
Publisher And Registrant European Space Agency
Credit Guidelines European Space Agency, 2015-01-20T23:00:00Z, 072190, 17.56_20190403_1200. https://doi.org/10.5270/esa-u5f7s7s