Community Release Note for PACS Calibration Set v45

New PACS calibration version 45 should not be used with HIPE 9.

In HIPE 10 a new spectroscopy telescope background calibration is introduced that is not compatible with the code in HIPE 9.

PACS users, who use the background normalisation ipipe script for chopped spectroscopy in HIPE 9 should not update the PACS calibration tree to version 45. They should keep using the calibration set 41 and cancel the update when the automatic calibration updater in HIPE asks to install set 45.

Users who have updated to set 45 and want to use this the background normalisation in HIPE 9, can switch back to version 41 via:

you can alway check the calibration version that you are using with the command

   HIPE> print getCalTree().version

HIPE 10 users should update to version 45 of the calibration tree to make use of several new calibration files that are used in the new software release.

PACS calibration file set v45 incorporates the following differences from the previous community release, v41:



Affected observations & processing

Updated calibration products

The following calibration products have been updated:

Release Date

22 January 2013 after release of HCSS 10.0.