RSRF v4 Update

This update contains a re-derivation of the RSRF from the instrument level test. The wavelength ranges are slightly extended where data was available. This will improve the accuracy at band edges. In the red band R1, a correction was applied for the leak region (longward of 180 micron). The response applied now, is the response to the photons of wavelength 180-220. This means the continuum fluxes in that wavelength range will still be incorrect, but the (continuum subtracted) line flux is now correct within ~10%.

Build References

The RSRF format has not changed, so the calibration products can be applied in any hipe version. For range spectroscopy, when applying a low order polynomial flatfield correction, the drastic change in the response in the leak region will introduce strong modulations in the nominal wavelength range. The flatfield task in track 11 is robust to that, since the leak region is excluded from the flatfield.

ICC Specific Information