First version of the ObservedResponse3x3 product. This product contains for every key wavelength the detector response directly computed from the observations of astronomical standards. Data was derived based on the central 3x3 spaxels.


Product containing the mean observed response at the following band-key wavelengths pairs: B3A_60, B2A_60, B2B_75, R1_120, R1_150, R1_180.


Data can be extracted from the calibration product with the following commands:

HIPE> calTree = getCalTree(version=44)
HIPE> or3x3 = calTree.spectrometer.ObservedResponse3x3
HIPE> print or3x3.getResponse("B2A_60")   # returns a Double2d
HIPE> print or3x3.getResponse("B3A_60")   # returns a Double2d