First version of the CalSourceFlux3x3 product. The new fluxes were directly computed from the observations of many astronomical standards and the signal of the corresponding calibration block. Data was derived based on the central 3x3 spaxels.


Tables containing the fluxes of the calibration sources CS1 and CS2 at the key wavelengths of the calibration blocks: B3A_60, B2B_75, R1_150, R1_180.


Data can be extracted from the calibration product with the following commands:
HIPE> calTree = getCalTree(version=44)
HIPE> csf3x3 = calTree.spectrometer.CalSourceFlux3x3
HIPE> kwId = csf3x3.keyWaveId    # returns a String1d
HIPE> kw = csf3x3.keyWave        # returns a Double1d
HIPE> cs1flux = csf3x3.cs1Flux   # returns a Double3d
HIPE> cs2flux = csf3x3.cs2Flux   # returns a Double3d