Photometer Response calibration file v6 Update

The PACS photometer flux calibration has been re-derived, changes are implemented in the new response calibration file "FM, 6".

Absolute fluxes of point-sources will change by less than 5%, extended sources will change by 10-20%.

Aperture photometry of point-sources requires from now on the application of new aperture correction factors, taking into account that there is still significant flux beyond 60 arcsec.

These new correction factors (together with the old ones, applicable for PACS photometer observations calibrated with version 5 of the Response calibration file) are stored in: "PCalPhotometer_ApertureCorrection_FM_v2.fits" and can be retrieved via the new task "photApertureCorrectionPointSource" to be applied after "annularSkyAperturePhotometry".


v613-Apr-2011Added to ICC repository after intensive verification by the photometer team

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