Invntt v3 Update

Third generation (G3) inverse noise time-time correlation for MadMap.

The G3 is the latest generation of the INVNTT noise files for MADmap data processing.
For more information on MADmap and INVNTT files, please see the MADmap User's Guide for PACS
[PICC-NHSC-TR-026]. The G3 files use a newer reprocessing of the GOOD-S field to derive
INVNTT noise filters for each pixel.

The newer processing accounts for PACS bolometer signal drift and iterative sigma-clipping to remove glitches.
In addition, a smoothed (average) INVNTT file is provided for compatibility with previous versions.
The G3 calibration files; however, do not include data for parallel mode observations.
Instead, parallel mode is handled via a repackaged Generation 1 INVNTT file.

ICC Specific Information