Detector Readout Time Shift

Product Description

PACS Photometer detector readouts are not done at the same time.
The readout is done in 16 time steps as described in the
BOLC To DMC Electrical Interface Control Document.

We assume that the readout is equally distributed over time.
One readout cycle of the 25 ms / 16 = 1.5625 ms per pixel.

This calibration file assigns to every detector the readout sequence
counter (from 1 to 16).


The DetectorReadoutTimeShift calibration product is available as of hcss.dp.pacs 7.0 1650.


v17-Apr-2011first version of this calibration product

ICC Specific Information


BOLC To DMC Electrical Intyerface Control Document [SAp-PACS-Cca-0046-01]