Cooler Recycling Times

This is a new calibration product providing start times for cooler recycling.

The product provides three different start times for each observation that is associated with a cooler recycling.
The three time represent distinct events in the cooler recycling process.

  1. the time at which the evaporator switch heater is set to 0.0014 A [derived from BOL_HEAT_EV_SWT]
  2. the time when the evaporator switch heater is set to 0.00118 A [derived from BOL_HEAT_EV_SWT]
  3. the time when the pump heater is set to 0.0273 A [derived from BOL_HEATER_SP]


The CoolerRecyclingTimes calibration product is available as of hcss.dp.pacs 7.0 585.


v118-Feb-2011first version of this calibration product
v218-Feb-2011added column with odNumbers, formatVersion = 2.0

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