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HSSOOCC:Herschel-PACS Solar System Object Observations Comet Catalogue

A catalogue of images, physical circumstances of observation, photometric radial profiles, radial profile fits and photometry in multiple angular and physical aperture sizes for the ten active comets observed by Herschel that are clearly extended targets. Although most of the solar system objects observed by Herschel were inactive, point sources, ten active comets were also observed, mainly at 70 and 160 μm, several of them at more than one epoch, although there were also a few observations at 100 μm. Both short period, Jupiter Family comets, mainly making close passes to Earth and non-periodic objects were observed by PACS. The resultant sample covers a variety of objects with a wide range of dynamical history and level of activity: five Jupiter family objects, and five non-periodic objects.

The list of the observations and comet names are provided in Active Comet Catalogue.csv.

Please read the Explanatory Supplement for more details.

Herschel Science Centre (Mark Kidger), 2018-07-19 12:00