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The SPIRE Automated Feature Extraction CATalogue: SAFECAT

SAFECAT contains all the features found (|SNR| > 5) from the catalogues per observation for SPIRE Spectrometer HR sparse and mapping observations, including the HR part of H+LR observations.

SAFECAT is intended as an archive mining tool that can be searched by frequency, position, etc., to provide all SPIRE Spectrometer observations with significant features that match the search criteria.

SAFECAT is distributed as a FITS file with the catalogue and its metadata in the first HDU. The catalogue table content is explained in details in the Release note.

The version with restFrame in name has an additional column with the rest-frame frequency, derived using the radial velocity. As the radial velocity in some cases is only indicative the rest-frame frequency should be used with caution, always checking the radial velocity flag (see the details on the velocity flags in the Release Note).