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SPIRE Spectrometer Background Subtracted Sparse Mode Spectra

This folder contains the background subtracted sparse mode spectra. The list of the OBSIDs included in the Highly Processed Data Products is provided in list_obsids.txt. The tarball of all spectra, including their postcards, is available in SPIRE_S-BKGS-HPDP_Products.tar. The individual background subtracted spectra are available in folder spectra. Note that we only provide the spectra for the two central detectors. Please consult the Release Note for more details on the method.

The tables presented in the Release Note can be accessed through this wiki page. The sub-folder works contains the low level figures, images and scripts used in the wiki tables and also in the production of these HPDP.

postcard The figure shows an example of a postcard with the final background subtracted spectrum (upper panel, in green) and the original point-source calibrated pipeline product (upper panel, in red). The bottom panel shows the two median spectra that were subtracted from the original pipeline products (black dashed curves), as well as the individual off-axis detectors (in different colours). Note that the upper and lower panels may have very different y-axis scales.

Alternative background subtracted spectra

An alternative background subtracted spectra, as used in the Spectral Feature Catalogue, are provided in folder spectral_feature_catalogue_bgs. They were produced by an interactive run of the BackgoundSubstraction useful script in the Herschel Interactive Processing Environment (HIPE). The differences with the products in sub-folder spectra are within the uncertainties.

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