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SPIRE hi-resolution (HiRes) maps

A subset of 800 SPIRE high signal-to-noise maps at level2 and level2_5 were deconvolved using the good knowledge of the SPIRE beam. The procedure is based on the Richardson-Lucy deconvolution algorithm. More information on the procedure and the selection of the suitable maps is provided in the SPIRE Handbook, section 5.11.

There are 800 maps for each of the three bands. The number of level2 maps is 171, and 629 are level2_5. These maps are calibrated for extended emission and are provided in units of MJy/sr. The list of the available HiRes OBSIDs can be found in hires_obsid_list.txt file.

Note that the maps are exact copy of those present in the observational context of each observation. For convenience, the individual maps are also made available as highly-processed data products (HPDP) and can be accessed from the Herschel Science Archive, under the HPDP Collection panel.

=== Ivan Valtchanov, Herschel Science Centre, January 2017