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This directory compiles the calibration models used by the Herschel instruments for Mars, Uranus and Neptune. For all three calibrators, the models are available for the particular dates applicable to dedicated Herschel observations of those planets. On top of that, for Neptune and Uranus, various versions the calibration models used in the Herschel mission are made available. In the case of Mars, the model is also available via an on-line tool outside of ESA.

Information for each calibrator is compiled in a dedicated directory. The whole set of files of this top-level directory can also be downloaded as

The information provided in this repository is expanded on in the calibration model website, where additional detailed information on inter-comparisons between planet models and their consistency with stellar models (used as prime calibrators for the shorter PACS wavelengths).

David Teyssier, Tony Marston, 17-Jan-2017