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SPIRE Spectrometer beam FWHM, solid angles and maps

The details on how the beams were derived is presented in Makiwa et al., 2013, Applied Optics, 52, 3864.

The beam maps FITS files *beam-map* are 3-D images (cubes) with dimensions [257,257,74] for SLW and [257,257,83] for SSW. The third axis is the frequency in GHz. The FITS file 'image' extension contains the cubes.

The beam FWHM and solid angles are provided in coma-separated-value tables fwhm_omega* for both bands (SSW and SLW) and for the two spectral resolutions: HR and LR. The HR and LR versions have different frequency grids.

Ivan Valtchanov, Herschel Science Centre, Dec 2016