SPIRE Photometer beams

The SPIRE Photometer beam maps are provided with two spatial resolutions: * with 1 arcsec/pixel for the three bands (files with 1arcsec in name); * with the pipeline pixel sizes of (6,10,14) arcsec at (250, 350, 500) ┬Ám;

The FITS files header contains the beam map position angle (PA keyword). For the observations of Neptune, used to derive the beam maps, the PA is 250.5 deg.

The encircled energy fraction (EEF) are provided in file SPIRE-P-EEF.csv, note that the EEF is for a for a source with spectral index α = -1, e.g. Fν ~ ν-1.

Details on the beam maps are available here and the analysis is described here. Presentations on the method and the results are available in the folder docs.

Sep 2017, Ivan Valtchanov, Herschel Science Centre