Observation Summary

AOR label:Calibration_RPSpecFlux_1-RPSpecFlux_721A_StdSED_sedb2a_l_DarkField_0002
Target:ISOPHOT Dark Field
Actual RA:17h 49m 10.01s
Actual Dec.:69° 48' 23.35''
Start:2010-06-26T11:56:18.000000 TAI (1656244578000000)
Duration:1139.0 seconds (incl. spacecraft on-target slew time)

AOT and instrument configuration:

Mode:Pointed, Chop/Nod
Bands:B2A R1 (prime diffraction orders selected)
Sampling:Nyquist (with spectral dithering if range repetition > 1)
Chopper:large throw
Nod cycles:1

System configuration summary

SPG pipeline version:SPG v14.2.0
SPG pipeline products creation date:2016-07-23T17:06:31.089000 TAI (1847984791089000)
Mission configuration:MC_H42ASTR_P52ASTR_S55ASTR_AO
Processed to level:RED: 2.0 BLUE: 2.0
Quality Control:PASSED

Quality comments

The offset between the central spaxel and the requested sky coordinates is  2.65" in the dispersion direction.
If the target is point-like and is offset from the centre of a spaxel in the dispersion direction, the spectral line 
profiles will develop a skew. This skewed Gaussian profile becomes more extreme as the offset increases. 
Be aware that this can be confused with real velocity structure.
This will affect spectra from a single spaxel of a rebinned cube (products with filenames "..hps3dr[r|b].."), 
and combined spaxel-spectra, i.e. added rebinned cube spaxels, or single spaxels from an interpolated or projected cube
(products with filenames "..hps3di[r|b].." or "..hps3dp[r|b].."). See the "PACS Handbook" for more information.