Observation Summary

AOR label:PPhoto-X_TRA_45
Target:X TRA
Actual RA:15h 14m 22.24s
Actual Dec.:-70° 4' 45.8''
Start:2010-03-30T08:53:57.000000 TAI (1648630437000000)
Duration:1841.0 seconds (incl. spacecraft on-target slew time)

AOT and instrument configuration:

Blue ch.:70 micron band
Mode:Scan map

System configuration summary

SPG pipeline version:SPG v14.2.0
SPG pipeline products creation date:2016-08-30T11:10:23.554000 TAI (1851246623554000)
Mission configuration:MC_H31ASTR_P44ASTR_S50ASTR_RP
Processed to level:RED: 3.0 BLUE: 3.0
Quality Control:PASSED

Quality comments

This observation was executed successfully by the instrument/spacecraft.
Pipeline processed up to level 2.
QC comment:
High pass filter artefacts on blue and red map.
Field of view displaced with respect to AOR coordinates due to offset in telescope pointing.

Passed quality control, with the caveats described in the PACS photometer - Prime and Parallel scan mode release note.
This observation was performed at 'warm' attitude conditions (Star Tracker 2 temperature > -15 C), leading to astrometry shifts induced by thermoelastic drifts which in the case of this observation are estimated to result in an offset of 3.6" in Right Ascension and -1.3" in Declination.