Observation Summary

AOR label:PACS A2390 orthogonal scan
Target:Abell 2390
Actual RA:21h 53m 35.02s
Actual Dec.:17° 39' 59.09''
Start:2009-11-15T02:26:04.000000 TAI (1636943164000000)
Duration:8920.0 seconds (incl. spacecraft on-target slew time)

AOT and instrument configuration:

Blue ch.:100 micron band
Mode:Scan map

System configuration summary

SPG pipeline version:SPG v14.2.0
SPG pipeline products creation date:2016-08-06T02:39:18.161000 TAI (1849142358161000)
Mission configuration:MC_HPhase3_P34ASTR_S34ASTR_SDP
Processed to level:RED: 2.5 BLUE: 2.5
Quality Control:PASSED

Quality comments

This observation was executed successfully by the instrument/spacecraft.
Pipeline processed up to level 2.
Quality checked by HSC calibration scientists team.
The computed ra/dec metadata values are a copy to the raNominal/decNominal metadata values (extracted from the proposal) due to a known issue in the computation of
the actual pointing. This does not affect the astrometry of the actual maps.
In the L2 photProject map, trails due to bad pixels not masked out are visible
QC comments:Passed quality control, with the caveats described in the PACS photometer -Prime and Parallel scan mode release note.