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HIFI Trend Analysis Data Products

This Ancillary Data Product archive consists of a subset of HIFI HouseKeeping (HK) information measured from the Herschel Operational Day (OD) 241 onwards. Up to 269 HK parameters belonging to the various HIFI Sub-System are provided as time series, at the data rate applicable at the time of recording. On top of that, additional parameters resulting from dedicated measurements are provided as so-called “science trend products”. These trend analysis data products are particularly relevant to the instrument experts or engineers interested in monitoring the behaviour of any particular instrument HK parameter, and/or investigate correlations between them. The overall product archive provides both a quick-view of the parameter behaviour with time as plots, as well as the tables themselves for users who need to perform more sophisticated manipulation to the data.

More details about the ancillary data product content can be found in the release notes.

David Teyssier (HSC), Kevin Edwards (Univ. Waterloo), 11-Nov-2016