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This directory compiles a series of on-board software versions that were prepared for and uploaded into the Local Oscillator Control Unit (LCU) of the HIFI instrument in the course of the operation phase of the mission. If you are interested in the software used to control the main Instrument Control Unit, please check the HIFI_OBSW folder one level up. The present folder also contains so-called Local Oscillator (LOU) safety tables that were used to protect the LOU against instrument settings that could have put the hardware in danger.

Within the Data_SW direction, each folder corresponds to a given software version. Version numbers consist of a patch number (e.g. P22, which stands for version 2.2) and of a safety table number (e.g. T227, which stands for version 2.27). As can be seen, there were only two patches applied during the mission, but numerous safer table updates. For each version, the deliverables consisted of: Within the Data_SafetyTable direction, each file corresponds to a delivery version of the safety tables. Only releases applicable during the in-orbit operations are provided here, meaning that the first version that can be found is 2-18. The following is stored in each of the corresponding zip files:

Top level documents such as the LCU software release notes, the latest safety table release notes released, as well as an address map of the LCU software applying to each patch, are provided in the Documentation folder.

David Teyssier, HSC, 05-Dec-2016